Making Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Every year, we make Christmas cards. We used to sit down with the kids and cut out scrap paper bits to glue and decorate each and every card. That took a good amount of time. It was fun for the kids but it wasn’t that fun for me. The end results weren’t as good as I wished it would be, compared to the time and effort that went into the actual cards. People who got them were probably like “oh how cute~ the kids made them!”. But that’s them.

Long story short, I decided to just make the cards this year on the computer, print them out and send them off with the family photo attached. I wanted to spend the time designing on my own and I also really wanted to just sit down and get them done. AND also make them pretty. My way.


So this time, I took the designs into Illustrator. Made some rough drafts of the cards I was going to print and send off to the teachers and printed them out.

But instead of me just getting this done and over with, I found myself enjoying the design process of the cards.

Every time I made a new card, it really felt good and the outcome was pretty. It was satisfying. I was having fun. 

So since I had time during the morning when Tyler napped, I decided to make 1 design per day. I started with 3 designs, then made 4 and eventually landed at my 17th design.

It was getting more fun the more I did it. It was getting almost addicting.

Then I thought to myself. Why just Christmas cards? Why not make “get well” cards or “happy anniversary” cards?? So then I took my Macbook Pro, sat down, added another artboard to the main design file and started to scribble and draft up another card!

Right now I love doing this as a hobby. I think I stumbled across something that is making me happy. That is helping me release stress and is making myself proud.

Hopefully I won’t get all caught up and give up doing this. 

For now. Gonna go make another greeting card!!!