MAVIOSO (Jeju) | 마비오주 풀빌라&스파 제주도 펜션


This is where we stayed in Jeju.

It was a really nice, kid-friendly and clean house. It was about 40 minutes away from the airport but it was close to the beach and nice. The kids really loved it. We didn’t have to worry about the kids getting bored or anything while staying in.

The best part was that the pool was sheltered, meaning it was indoors (well, it had a roof over it) so we could swim no matter what the weather was like.

It was clean and the owner lady was nice enough to come and clean the whole place, change the sheets and take the trash EVERY MORNING.

It’s located quite far from any grocery stores or restaurants so you have to kind of plan ahead of what and where you’re going to eat.

You can cook in the house and prep simple meals here.

There’s also a washer for laundry so if you need to wash your clothes, you can also do so.

The best part was going up on the second floor at night and looking at the stars. Once the kids and Kaden fell asleep, I would go up by myself and just stare at the stars for a really long time.


The price is also very decent. It was about 300,000 KRW per night. Really, not bad for a whole house with a pool attached.

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