Missing High school. #LFAS2001

Yeap. It’s out. I couldn’t wait. I know what you’re thinking. I’m almost 40 and I’m still in love with the story of a teenager’s love life. I am.

I am obsessed and it’s really not easy to let go of it.

I don’t just relate to it just because she reminds me of me, when I was in high school and it’s also not just because she’s half Korean. And you really really do have to believe me on this one.


It’s more about my memories and what I really miss. The questions of “what if” do come up here and there but it’s really weird how all the songs and all of the moments in this movie of three parts just takes me back to my days at #LFAS

I miss being me. I miss my days in high school that I were so precious and strangely sparkly.

I feel like those moments that I cannot have back and that I cannot re-live in are so obsessively missed.

I was a dance major at a high school that made me so secure. It was the best time of my life I felt secure and loved. I miss my friends and I know I still have lots of things I need to make up for all the love and help I got from each and every one of them. But. Right now, I feel like the only thing I can do is cherish and keep those memories alive within me as much as possible.

I apologize to anyone I’ve ever hurt or have given a bad memory. I pray and hope I didn’t do any harm to any of my classmates.

Because right now, after watching this film.

All I want to do is go home. I want to be able to meet my high school friends and hug them as much as I can.

Because I miss you. I miss all of you. I miss the me that was so happy and danced with my whole heart.

I miss you Vicky Hong. Dearly. Truly. Deeply.