Mommy’s little helper

It’s amazing to see how much Tyler has grown up. It’s amazing to see how he’s adjusted to our new home too. I still can’t believe all 7 of us used to live in a house half this size.

Tyler is going through the “let me try”, “I want to do it” phase right now. He’s learned how to say it in Korean before English “내가!! 내가!!” is what he says all the time now. He want to do everything on his own and wants to help around the house too.

I love it when the kids first start to talk. Josh first started talking in English when we were in Singapore. He used to say “mommy look at me” all the time and I remember thinking to myself “oh this angel is finally talking. I can’t wait to start having conversations with him in English!” but then we came to Korea and it feels like he’s just forgotten everything.

Andrea started talking in Korean first and started to talk in sentences right away. We all thought she was a genius. But then we later found out that most girls do that. LOL.

Since the kids have gone to elementary school and kindergarten, I feel like I have lost my close connection with them. I feel I am not as fully attached to them as I should be. I feel like there is a wall between us..? Maybe not a wall but a block or a small stone that’s blocking the flow of our energy towards each other. I figured it’s something that most moms go through when their kids start to have their own schedule and get busy. I also thought it was just something that I needed to think differently about. Something that would go away after a while and that the connection would come back and get stronger.

However, it seems like it’s only getting worse. It feels like mommy’s little helper #1 and #2 are no longer mommy’s helpers but rather other KOREAN helpers around the house. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m saying. Maybe I’m just lost in this EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE SPEAKING KOREAN ALL THE TIME EXCEPT ME phase…………. maybe.

I hope I can resolve this soon…. Because I’m feeling like mommy’s helpers are drifting away from me….