Monte Carlo Coffee Beans 몬테카를로 커피

Okay, so I really love coffee. I think everyone who knows me knows the fact that I love coffee. To the point where I go and literally find coffee shops that are famous for their flat whites. It’s a given. I’ve tried so many different coffee beans here in Korea (and I don’t mean the coffee shop name Coffee Beans but the actual beans). I have probably ordered so many different types of beans that my list of purchases is pretty crazy. I really like Nespresso and how convenient it is… BUT. I like to have my cup of coffee taste a certain way, and when Nespresso doesn’t continue the line of capsules that I like, I have to turn to different options.

I found Monte Carlo Coffee at my aunts house. My aunt gave me a cup of coffee and it was so good. The after taste had no after taste and it was just pure and clean. To the last drop, it was a very smooth finishing for me to have.

Now, I’m a VIP customer and order when ever I want a fresh stash of coffee beans. They roast when they get the order so it’s best to brew your coffee about two days after you get it. That’s how good the coffee is. Hope those in Korea right now get a chance to try it out.