Monte Carlo Coffee Roasters 몬테카를로 커피 로스터스

In Korea, it’s very difficult to find good tasting coffee. Especially the kind that you can grind yourself and purchase as whole roasted beans. There weren’t any brands or roasters I knew I could trust and purchase so I usually just got the coffee from Starbucks and had them grind it for me. However, I noticed that having the beans already ground and then keeping it in the cabinets for about 20 days until the last little bit is brewed, was making my coffee taste pretty bad. By the time it came to day 20-ish, the coffee basically had no taste. I just tasted like burnt rocks or something LOL.

Then when I visited my aunt’s house for Lunar New Year last month, my aunt suggested this to me. She really likes her coffee freshly brewed and roasted fresh. She said she got this from someone, someone gave this to her as a gift and she thought it was really good and recommended it to me.

As soon as I came home, I ordered it online and when I got it, I started grinding it right away.

Overall I am so very pleased with the coffee. It’s rich in flavor and doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste. I hate coffee that has a really strong and bitter aftertaste. I ran out of coffee beans 6 days after opening the first pack. I think our family is going to stick with this coffee for a while.