We are finally moving. Not just us though. How lovely would it be if it was just us. The five of us. Unfortunately, it’s with the in-laws. However, it’s not a rental, it’s not an old house like the one we live in right now. It’s new, it’s ours and it’s not perfect, but it works.

I no longer have to stuff everything in an empty place. I no longer have to fold the floor mats and mattress toppers to put the kids to bed. We will have our own bed. We will have a place for the kids and we WILL for sure have our own little place in the house. I’m hoping we can create a small office for Kaden and me to work.

The best part is, I don’t have to smell the old bathroom in this house. I no longer have to use these old, wooden closets and I no longer have to use these old door knobs that wakes up a kid napping. I don’t have to worry about the kids upstairs being super loud when they walk up the stairs and I no longer have to worry about a place to put my shoes (right now the shoes are all staked up that they are all wrecked. Kaden HATES this).

I will have a shared kitchen with my in-laws but that doesn’t matter. I will have to share the living room but that also doesn’t matter. I am just happy that we are moving next month. That we are moving into a place I can take pictures without worrying what else to hide so that it won’t show in the picture I take. I don’t have to envy and be jealous of all the other mothers out there that take super clean photos of their living rooms and kitchens on Instagram. I can now be one of them. I can now take part of that world.

It sounds really stupid and as if I’m just totally trashing myself and dissing myself on this one but I really did want to have a house. I really did want our own house so that I can take pictures of my coffee and put it up. Just like how I did in Singapore. I wanted to have a place where our kids didn’t have to worry about cleaning up right away cause it was Grandma’s house. I wanted some space and a place where we all could just relax and not worry about other little details that we had to worry while living with the in-laws in the 20year old villa-complex.

I am now, planning our “moving day” and the furniture we have to buy. The things we have to make sure the kids are ok with. And the things I need to focus on while we make this change. I don’t care how stressful this gets. I am just happy and thankful we are MOVING.