My First Week of #Clubhouse

I am going to divide this posting into sections so that I can walk you through my #clubhouse journey from the very beginning.

  1. The Invitation.

I really really wanted to get in. I knew it was going to be hot but I couldn’t get a grasp of HOW. I knew it was something new and I knew it was going to be big, but I just couldn’t really wrap my head around it. I wanted to get in and experience it.

HOWEVER, no one, not a single person on my contacts list had a way in or an invitation.

Then my lovely Jieun unni (not blood related) called me up on a Sunday to check my text messages. I was like… huh?

So on that day, the servers were having some trouble, so therefore, the signing up process itself was just NOT WORKING AT ALL.

I had to wait about 8 hours before I could get pass the “confirming phone number” page. Then, I got the invite text message from Jieun unni and I was in!


I set up a profile and started to hop around. It’s weird how I just the word for going in and out of different rooms / clubs / conversations etc whatever you call them.

But I was room hopping.

I literally found no interest in any of the rooms that the app was suggesting to me. I thought it was weird how the whole thing was working. I felt very left out and felt like an outsider that was trying to fit into something that was really NOT MY THING.

Then I had a secret conversation with my friend MiHwa and that’s when things started to change.

I started raising my hand in rooms and joined conversations with people that had common ground with me. I was able to listen to other peoples experience in Korea and as a consultant. Then I was able to talk to a CEO and hear his experience from the bottom up. He started with design and ended up starting his own business. It was good to hear some inspirational words from someone who went through the same thing I did.

Then, I found a community of English teachers in Korea who were literally AMAZING. These people were working so hard in each category and striving for more. Some of them were even already at the top of the ball game and yet, they still wanted to be normal and talk with us!

I went from “WTF is this?” to “OMG I can meet such a diverse group of people!” and even have fun talking with them!

So, so far. I’m liking what I’m seeing and hearing.

It never hurts to have people who cheer for you and who walk along side with you. Even if it’s just through their VOICE.