My Life As It Is

As I made my way to 2019 I wanted to make one of my goals of 2019 to be “going back to work”. I wanted to work full time and make some money. Well that too and also I wanted some time to get my mind off from the kids and kind of have another life as me. As Vicky Hong. However, that didn’t really work out during the first week of January. I was offered a job but I turned it down. It didn’t meet my standards of living and the important things in life for me right now do include my kids. Especially Josh, because he’s going to be in grade one this March.

However, I think God was allowing me to kind of break off and slowly enjoy a bit of time away from the kids. After they fell asleep. I tutor now.

I used to hate teaching English and tutoring. It was something I just hated doing and something I wanted to avoid as much as I could. However, I have met the nicest and such wonderful people. Adults who act like adults and who are acting responsibly. These people are the best students I could ever have. The best thing is that I have fun while teaching them. I have learned to enjoy myself while teaching English!

I couldn’t imagine me teaching English and enjoying it but I am. I love the conversations that I’m having with these people and I’m also learning so much from them.

And it feels like God is leading me and guiding my way while I’m doing something I used to hate. Everything is just sort of falling into place. It’s great.

That is also how I have learned to accept they way my life is going right now. Just as it is. Just the way it is. I am learning to accept and process and digest things and the order everything is falling.

It feels like I’m growing as a person and as a human being. I am so thankful for that. The fact that I accept it and the way I accept it. It’s truly amazing.

And the fact that I am also learning to include the kids into that picture is just so unreal. I am learning to grow with them and it’s making me feel like I am really an adult.