My little baby

My little baby is not such a baby anymore…

It may seem like he’s still a little baby but the way he acts and TALKS makes it feel like he’s just fully grown. The difference in the level of communication skills with a third child is totally different than the first two. The speed that he absorbs LANGUAGE and the way he expresses his thoughts is just purely amazing. It amuses me to just watch him talk. I could do it all day and I wouldn’t be bored.

Just the other day I took out the camera and took some pictures of him. I knew already that I had missed quite a lot of his baby phase but I just wanted to capture this moment. Just him, with me, alone in our room. Hanging out and talking about how this train is so cheap and how it breaks so easily. Then I asked him if he liked sleeping the same room with Josh and Andrea.

He said he likes sleeping with grandma. LOL.

I totally understand why people say they want to make time stop or even just have it hold and pause for a little bit. Basically it’s so that they could see their kids grow up a bit slower than how fast it’s going. I couldn’t agree with it more, right now. Looking at Tyler, makes me think about the same thing. How I wish I could hold on to the fast moving clock hand and watch this kid as he plays and sings the finger song 10 million times.

Just by looking at him like this in this picture makes my eyes watery!