My little garden

I’ve always loved plants. Any kind of plant. I love trees and I love fruit trees even more. I also love flowers and plants that have a unique look. I told Kaden that I wanted a small garden on the balcony, once we settled into the new place. Kaden said he’d order some fake grass to make it look nice for me and he did.

We wanted to get some plants that the kids could take care of with me. So that they would also feel the joy of taking care of something and watching it grow.


We first got a blueberry tree. Just a small one. We didn’t know if it would grow so that we could pick blueberries when the season came.

Then we got basil and a tree that bugs don’t like. It’s supposed to keep mosquitoes and bugs away(?).


And we also got a gardenia which I know is supposed to smell super super nice when the flowers open up. I think they smell like jasmines when they get their flowers to open.

This is the gardenia.




Then the basil (which we kind of already picked the leaves a bit for the pasta dishes we made with the kids).



And my favourite the Montesra.

They all seem to be growing pretty well.


I just hope I don’t mess up the blueberry tree.