My new Starbucks Tumbler

I love collecting re-usable mugs and bottles. It’s just a thing I have liked to do since I was in university. Out of all the tumblers in the world. I like Starbucks tumblers the most. Not because of the wording or name Starbucks but because of the colours. My favourite colour is literally cream white and light green. A tone of very natural green but more on the lighter and pastel side.

Other than the light green, and cream, I also like a brown tone that is very desaturated and a grey that is very much right in the middle of the colour swatches. Oh and of course I cannot leave out black. When it comes to things in black, especially clothes, I always buy the one in black.

I know some of you might be thinking, “why not just use the ones you have?” but here’s the thing. Although I said earlier that I like to collect, my collection is made of 5 tumblers and 2 summer drink cups. The reason why I like having a variety of tumblers is because I drink coffee from the cup design that represents my mood the best. Yes, literally.

I choose whatever color that I “feel” on the moment I pour my coffee into. These days, I’ve been feeling very normal. In a situation like this right now where COVID19 is hitting the central areas of South Korea “again”, it’s very unusual to feel normal. But I do. I feel very normal. Everything just seems like it’s all going to be okay and that it’s all just going to go away soon. That’s how I feel. I feel a warmth of security from God and I know in my heart, this message he’s sending me is very bold and strong. He’s telling me to be strong too. But although I’m not quite there yet. I still feel normal.

And what other colors and shapes can you pick that represent this normality I haven’t had for the past 5 months?!

A very clean, classic, plain and bland design? No. A very classic and yet simple design that symbolizes the brand and me in the most easiest and simplest way possible.