My thoughts on the 2018 Seoul Private Kindergarten CRAZINESS

Over the past few weeks, the Ministry of Education in Korea announced the corruption of private kindergartens located in the major cities of Korea. They intentionally (and I say this “intentionally” part with emphasis because I personally do believe that they are doing this for a reason and a purpose) released a list of private kindergartens in Seoul and other major cities of Korea that stated violations and false use of education budgets of the private kindergartens in Seoul.

This has become one of the major issues that “MOMS” in Korea have been very focused and interested in. It’s a topic that’s been discussed within communities and even online “MOM CAFES” that exist on the portal site NAVER.

I chose Bethel Montessori Kindergarten for Josh when we came to Korea (from Singapore) because of three reasons.

1. It’s a Christian Private Kindergarten. This is really important for us as a Christian family. We wanted to make sure that we continued this religiously connected aspect for our children as they grew up.

2. It’s a”MONTESSORI” education based kindergarten. I knew from far back to even when I was pregnant with Josh how important and effective Montessori education was. I knew that lots of leaders and successful business people had come from a Montessori background (even people like Steve Jobs and Stephen Curry) and so it was a proven education system and road that I knew I wanted to get my kids into.


3. Bethel had been around for a really long time and that already proved to me how well established it was.

During the first year of Josh’s kindergarten life, I noticed so many changes (GOOD CHANGES) that were happening to Josh himself and our family. Trusting the teachers and the people in charge was a given. I knew I could be a mom who wouldn’t have any doubt about the kindergartens’ WAY of doing things and how they taught my child. It was something I trusted fully. As that was proven to me the more and more we fell in love with this kindergarten. Josh was changing and we could see it. He went from a child that was stubborn, who cried about every single little thing and a child we couldn’t negotiate with, to a bright, thoughtful and intelligently soft-spoken little human being.

We knew Bethels’ system and the “Montessori” methods were working. It was working for our child and we could see it with our eyes. It was affecting him in so many ways, even with the way he interacted with his younger siblings. It was showing us that we CHOSE the right school.

Notice I used the word CHOSE. Yes. I said chose because WE as parents choose the school our kids go to. To the physical location where they learn 4 to 6 hours of a full day. They spend 1/3 of their year. 1/3 of a whole year of their lives at this place. Learning. Interacting. Communicating and playing with other children and teachers who are overly qualified for this incredible JOB that they do. They are actually starting the drawing or the blueprint of my child’s educational path. THEY are that important to my child’s life. THEY are moulding and building the base foundation of my child’s educational journey.

However, with all the media and interviews and announcements from the ministry of education. This foundation that our kids are literally walking on top of is being shaken and cracked.

First of all, to call a kindergarten on CORRUPTION  for going to the supermarket in front of the kindergarten and buying a fresh apple to give to them as a snack instead of feeding them the rotten apple from a listed and contracted “school food supply source” is the same thing as calling me stupid and retarded for giving my kid a fresh apple rather than a rotten candied apple from the street. If the school used their funds and budget for personal benefits, YES that’s a problem. If they used the money to purchase a CHANEL bag with the kindergarten’s money. YES, that IS a problem, cause that’s EDUCATIONAL funds being used for other purposes. However, if you’re trying to label a school or put them on the blacklist to go out of business cause they did something with the CHILDREN’S WELL-BEING in mind, then that’s saying eating dog shit is healthier than being a vegan!!!

I don’t know what the Korean Ministry of Education has in mind with all other schools who actually did do something wrong. There were schools on that list that I read who went and spent the schools’ money on karaoke and luxurious bags and shoes. THAT there is a problem. THAT is something you should be digging up. But to label, a school on something that is purely and obviously for the best interest of the children who attend that kindergarten is just BULL SHIT.

Then there are the moms who are also riding along this BULL SHIT ride, right beside the ministry of education. Mom’s who clearly aren’t thinking before they act is posting stuff on online community bulletin boards that they are frustrated and mad about how the kindergarten is reacting and what they are doing. THEN FUCKING SEND YOUR KIDS TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL. It’s easy as that. #1, you’re as messed up as the people who released the list in the first place. #2, if you think you’re blabbing online about something you really KNOW then think again cause you don’t. #3, if you’re talking about this kindergarten but obviously your child doesn’t attend this kindergarten, then SHUT THE HELL  UP. Lastly, #4 if you’re just going to tag along with the ride and make our kindergarten look bad, I wonder what you’re kids are learning from a parent like you.

Why are Korean 아줌마’s always on the top of the list of gossip and online issues? It’s because of people like this. Mother’s who THINK they are doing something FOR THEIR KIDS, who are actually acting so stupidly and cowardly are the reason why Korean moms are getting the nickname 맘충이 (disgusting mom bugs).

The reason why I wanted to write this post was that of the satisfaction level that I am at with both Josh and Andrea at this kindergarten, feels like it’s being demolished by these mothers who are writing on online communities and bulletin boards who don’t know SHIT. I as a mother and as a human being who would like my children to have the best educational journey and only see the positive in everything is totally supportive of Bethel kindergarten and have stated that on print for the kindergarten to know. I as a parent who wants the best for my children agree with how they acted and how they responded. And since I do support them, I am going to continue on with Andrea and her education at this kindergarten for as long as we are in Korea and living here. It’s as simple as that.

But if you’re a mother who is sending their child to Bethel and are having negative thoughts and whining about it, do it somewhere else and send your kids somewhere else. Obviously, you have a lot of time on your hands and have nothing else to do but to bash and throw shit around to the place that your child attends. How else is that different than throwing shit at your own child?!?

If you’re an adult. ACT LIKE ONE.