My three monsters #캐코삼남매 #캐코남매

Oh how I love taking my children’s pictures. It’s just so much fun!!! Canon Korea is doing an instagram event where if you hashtag your children’s photos with the camera model name and the lens that you used (obviously it has to be a Canon camera and Canon lens) they pick a picture and will give you prizes!! So I wanted to enter and post my kids up on instagram!!

But as you can see… All three of them have their different characteristics that show up in pictures.. and plus they don’t like taking pictures hahaha LOL

I don’t ask them to pose or anything I just ask them to stand against the wall and look at me. Oh wait, maybe that is asking them to pose hahaha

But sometimes I get really lucky and get images like this one.

Where one of them are just normal and the other two are goofy as hell! hahahahahahaha

Have a good week everyone!!!