Obstacles and Speed Bumps

There always comes a time in life when life seems to be rolling along like a stream of water and then something just happens to get in the way. It may seem like an obstacle or a speed bump but it’s just a little tiny objective or points you just have to overcome. I realized that last weekend and during the beginning of this week.

Kaden’s grandmother passed away and this whole week went by like a crazy dump of chaos. Everything went from point one to five in a split second and being alone with three kids didn’t really help that much with the situations.

Photo by pvproductions (freepik.com)

I had to picture myself on a nice comfy sofa with a hot cup of tea and just reading a book more than twenty times a day. I had to draw images in my head of me being in the center of the word, alone and just relaxing with the sounds of nature.

Nothing went as planned and nothing fit in. It was like a dump of trash I had to go through to sort things out or to find something.

I did continue on with my English classes because they are now all adult classes. Most of the classes were done online and so I had no problem with the class itself. However, Tyler would cry or Andrea would walk right into the room and show up on the camera.

Things didn’t go as planned but I did finish them all.

I was proud of myself for doing the things I promised to do but there were little mistakes and misunderstandings in between. I think they might have been things that gave me a new perspective on things and also gave me a lesson.

Be more prepared than how much you are prepared for.

I also learned that life doesn’t go as you plan for it to go and can throw curve balls at you or just have you float in the middle of nowhere.

I am definitely at a turning point with speed bumps so high I am having to climb up with all the energy I have. But the harder you work for it, the more proud you get of how much you’ve achieved, right?

That’s how I’d like to think of it as. Not obstacles and speed bumps but more of a little tiny twinkle of light for a better future.