Our school break almost at its end

In Korea, the new semester starts in March. Right now it’s spring break for most kids. Which means, they’ll be going into the next grade after this break. So for Josh, he’ll be going into grade one next Monday.

We really haven’t prepared anything yet. I think we’re just more relaxed and trying to act like nothing really concerns us. Well, we’re all trying to act like it… Not sure if it’s working though.

Tyler has grown so much since he was sick last month. He talks so well (in Korean) and is able to ask questions in sentences and express his thoughts and emotions so well. It’s really amazing to see him talk at such a young age. I think it amazes us more cause Josh started actually talking when he was about 3 years old.

But, Tyler still is stuck to my mother in law and looks for her when he cries or is sleepy. Grandma’s little boy.

We talked about Andrea and her right leg about a year ago with our Doc. It seems like she doesn’t want to let go of that position she keeps sitting in. Apparently, we have to make sure she doesn’t sit like that but she does anyways. She’s so into that dress up game these days… She can stay focused like this for more than an hour.