PANTONE™️ Mouse Pad

I love PANTONE™️ and everything they make. I think it’s a very well branded brand and that they have so much to offer. I came across this mouse pad for a very inexpensive price today.

I was at ElectroMart with Kaden and the kids, looking for Kaden’s new keyboard and mouse.

Kaden ended up looking for the two items he needed by himself. I and the three monsters checked out the market place that was opened at WangShimni Station. But right before we headed out, this caught my attention and I was just so stuck! Attracted! and very much in LOVE! with it.

I was up for a very reasonable price and so I paid at the cashier and took the kids to VIPS for lunch.

So far, I am very please with the size and the texture of the mouse pad. I also love the fact that it’s water proof and the fact that it’s grey. A bluish grey but still. It’s perfect!