Peace within the TIPI

The other day, I was with the kids alone. 3:1 isn’t easy but sometimes I enjoy it.

Josh has been really interested in calculators recently and loves to just calculate numbers.

This day, Tyler needed to sleep. He hadn’t taken his first nap and it was almost time for his second which was becoming his first on this day.

I needed Josh and Andrea to be quiet and allow Tyler to sleep so we took out the TIPI and set up base camp.

We put the TIPI in the middle of the living room and put on a movie. We all decided we would watch the movie and if we got sleepy we would sleep in the TIPI.

They both LOVE this.

It gets so cozy and nice in the TIPI that I sometimes want to also just crawl in and sleep in it!


We also had our snacks in it and it just ended up being a movie break but it was good enough for Tyler to get a full two hours of sleep.