Photo Contest at Seoul Forest River View Xi | 서울숲리버뷰자이 사진전

It’s great live in a community and be apart of a community that knows so much and that is willing to do so much for everyone who lives in it. Or at least who wants to be apart of it.

Our apartment community and volunteers hosted a Photo Contest for everyone who lives in our condo. Anyone who wanted to be in it had the opportunity to enter a photo within the category of “서리자” which is basically the nickname of our apartment. I took so many pictures from here and there to enter but I wasn’t satisfied with the images and so I convinced Josh to enter. He took about 300 pictures with my DSLR and chose two images that he liked. It was more like: I narrowed it down to about 22 pictures and he picked two out of the 22 LOL.

25 images were picked out of 102 images that were submitted. Out of the 25 main contestants, Josh’s image of the condo was picked. The opening day was special and there were catering tables set up for people who came to the opening ceremony.

25 images were framed and displayed in the main meeting room which got repainted and renovated (painted the walls and got the lights changed) for the event.

Josh came down to see his picture that was displayed.

His picture was the only one that was in black and white. He was the youngest person to participate.

It was great to have Josh take part of something that everyone in the community was so proud of. I can’t believe the response that we got for his picture!!!

I think overall, we, as a family were very proud of Josh but also very thankful to all the volunteers who made this event happen.

Feels good to live in a condo that makes the quality of living and living standards luxurious.