Practice does make PERFECT

I love design. I love designing things and working with people who have the skills and passion for design. I don’t like making logos and sitting in front of a computer with Illustrator open, but I love the whole DESIGN, CREATING and making something out of nothing process.

Mock up desktop image designed by Yeven_popov

I never really wanted to take part in the design and actual “making part” of my work. I loved communicating with people and helping them figure out what it is that they really wanted and needed. BUT, there came a time when I needed to really and literally JUMP in and CREATE something for a client.

When working with people, you never know what is going to just pop up and surprise you. Unexpected situations do occur and sometimes what the designer delivers isn’t always 100% pitch perfect for the client.

That’s when I knew I had to practice and make something. I knew then, I needed to keep my skills up to date so that I could create for the client and also for the designers I worked with. Clients would sometimes want more than what was given to them and designers would sometimes just want to literally SEE right in front of them what the direction needed to be. They needed visual guidance. I was really bad at that. At first, I didn’t know how to explain to both sides what it is that I wanted to see. They both didn’t know how else to take in and absorb where I was going. What it is that I wanted them to envision. And what better way is there to explain visual design elements than to just show them on the canvas.

That’s when I started to take out my school notes, get enrolled in online courses and PRACTICE. It was the only way to take what I already had and give it a boost so that I could have better and beautiful design outcomes shown to clients.

So then I made sure that I set realistic goals for this PRACTICE time. I would make myself sit in front of the computer twice a week, for two hours and give myself a category to work with and make designs with that.

For example, this week it was logos, I gave myself 8 different fake company names to come up with simple, typography centred logos. Next week I’ll be working on doodle icons for social media pages etc etc. By giving myself time to practice and really sit down to keep my senses up to date has helped me when it came to new clients. Existing clients already knew how good I was at what I did. But new clients always way to SEE something before getting started. And so by practicing continually, I am able to keep my skills up to date and make sure that both the designers and clients never get off track.