Purple Shampoo in Korea | 퍼플샴푸

모에타 퍼플샴푸 보색샴푸

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and inquiries about what shampoo I use. I guess it was obvious to most of those people that I was using purple shampoo. I guess since I bleached my hair and all.

It’s really hard to get a really GOOD purple shampoo here in Korea. Either you have to search and search online for a good retailer or just order them from overseas.

One of the well known purple shampoos in Korea is 모에타 팝 데빌 보색 샴푸. Moeta Pop Devil Shampoo for Yellow Hair.

You can get this anywhere. Coupang, and Naver.com both have it. It usually delivers within three days so it’s an easily accessible item.

클레롤 퍼플샴푸 보색샴푸 Clairol Purple Shampoo

The Clairol Shimmer Lights purple shampoo is like THE PURPLE SHAMPOO of history. It’s famous throughout the world and it is one of the most used purple shampoos out there. Here, in Korea, we have to get it from a seller overseas. I get it from this online store.


It’s a bit on the lower priced side cause it includes international shipping (I don’t know if it still is, I haven’t bought one since last October).

But anyways, what I do with my hair is that I get a trim every three months.

I use purple shampoo every other day for the first month after a bleach and toning.

Then I use it just whenever I feel like my hair is turning into that yellow-orange bleached colour which I hate.

If you want to keep your hair in that almost white looking stage, then I suggest you use purple shampoo every day.

But make sure you use gloves… Cause it’ll turn your hands purple.

***** 2019 December update. I now ONLY USE Fanola No Yellow Purple shampoo. It’s the ONLY way I can get my hair to stay the color I want. If you want to see my post about Fanola, check out https://mybrowneyednotes.com/7403-2/