Quick trip to SONG-DO Incheon

Over the weekend we took a quick and very spur of the moment trip to SONG-DO Incheon. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel and it was the best random trip ever. There was a huge park in front of the hotel for the kids to play at and there were lots of things we could do with them.

Sheraton was “okay” for the five of us to stay with. I didn’t get a good nights sleep (I know you probably already assumed this but I’m telling you this anyways) and it was a long night cause I forgot Tylers pacifier…

The park in front of the hotel was “Central Park.” It was soooo nice and so quiet. I think the kids liked it more than Kaden and I. Tyler and Andrea really enjoyed walking through the park and looking at different things. Josh on the other hand didn’t like just walking around and looking at things. He wanted to go somewhere and actually do stuff. AKA play catch-ball or ride the boats or go play at a playground etc etc.

But, we managed to make it a fun time and everyone was happy at the end of the day.

We all came back in a happy mood and ate dinner, then came back to the hotel.