So a while back, when my in laws were in town, my father in law wanted to get me a nice wallet.

I was in need of a new one cause the one I was carrying had a big rip down the middle and the threading was falling a part (I think I got that wallet from my friends bag shop three years ago? don’t really remember but it’s been a long time).

Anyways, when they were in town we went looking for a decent, not so expensive wallet that I could have and NOTHING caught my eye. Literally NOTHING. As much as I was in need of a wallet, everywhere I went, there really was no design that came even close to what I was looking for.

Then a couple of days ago, I found this site called a website that sells brand named bags and accessories that are new and pre-loved.

I did a search and WA LA!!!!!! Found the perfect match!!!!


I wanted a long, zipped up wallet that was brown leather, and that had lots of space inside for cards.

COACH apparently read my mind and made one for me! I wanted to get a pre-loved one if nothing showed up but I got this new one.

The great thing about this website is that it comes in this pretty box, wrapped and sealed.

They even have their own delivery system so it’s delivered to your doorstep by their own courier.

How great is that?!?!?

Their pricing is way less expensive than the store and compared to other websites in Singapore, they are about 10% cheaper.

Now all I have to do is take this beautiful wallet out for some shopping and spend more money!!! YAY!!