Seol i Slime 셜이슬라임

2019 March UPDATE: Seol i Slime is now closed.

So last Friday I was lucky enough to participate and attend the opening of a SLIME cafe.

This SLIME CAFE thing is so BIG in Korea right now. Even adults go in and play with slime for an hour. The concept of the CAFE is that you make your own slime, add the desired parts and sprinkles. Then play with it and take it home when you’re done. I thought this was so weird at first but you know what? PEOPLE GO CRAZY FOR THIS THING. Especially kids.

Seol i Slime is located at Park Avenue Enter-6 HAN YANG UNIVERSITY.

It’s right beside the Korean buffet 자연별곡 on level B1.

Ok so while going through the selection of STUFF in the cafe, I found these cute little bottles that kids are going crazy for.

These are not included in the free beads selection, you have to pay 1 dollar (1천원) for 4 of them. BUT AREN’T THEY CRAZY CUTE?!?!?!?!

I also got to make my own slime and play with it, then decorate it before I took it home.


This is Andrea’s slime little thingy she made when we took her a couple of days after.