Settling In

Ever since we moved here, it’s been a crazy schedule. We all seem to get up earlier than before (which is just way way way~ too early). And we all seem to want to keep everything clean. Probably cause it’s a newly built house.

Kaden helps around the house more, the kids are very happy cause there’s a playground right in front of the entrance to our condo building.

And little #3 loves his walks around the complex.

We have three playgrounds. One is for big kids, one is for age 4 and up and one is for the little toddlers.

Josh and Andrea love going around the apartment complex and just look at what nature has to offer.

And Kaden likes to keep our room super clean.

For me, I like my little garden on the small balcony that we have.

It’s the one and only thing I like about this house right now.