[SG] Patties& Wiches (Takashimaya)

Yesterday, Josh and I had a quick lunch at Patties&Wiches, located at level 3 of the Takashimaya Shopping Mall.

Orchard Road has lots of shopping malls and places to eat, but this place is for those with children and a place for a quick lunch or brunch.

They also serve pastries and coffee set meals.

Their sandwiches and hamburgers are great to eat by one person or to share!

The proportion isn’t too heavy or too little. It’s perfect for an average woman.

They have a cozy seating area with tables, booths and sofa-like seating areas.

They also have baby chairs AKA high chairs for the little ones too.

Josh and I ordered the Swiss Cheese and Bacon Burger (SDG $22.00).

OMG their bacon was sooooooooo gooooood!!!! It was for sure one of the best tasting bacon I’ve had.. in… oh.. I don’t even remember when!!!

At first I though the lettuce was a side salad, but it’s actually the lettuce, tomato and onion that goes into the burger.

I prefer the burger coming out as a whole, meaning with EVERYTHING on the patty.

This really wasn’t too filling for us but it was just enough to save room for dessert.