[SG] Shunjuu (Robertson Quay)

Last night, Kaden had the company car so we went out for dinner.

We went to Robertson Quay and when to a Japanese place called “shunjuu“.

(Not like we can go to Robertson Walk without car, we can walk there from out place but it was raining and I didn’t want to go far).


Shunjuu specializes in sumiyaki, which is charcoal grilled. You know the little skewer tapas that they have back home (Vancouver) at the Guu? Well, they have em here!!



When we sat down, I thought the night was so romantic!!! (Minus the two kids who kept screaming and yelling at something I have no idea what the heck it was).

It had just rained and the water was nicely shimmering~~~~~ in the background.

We sat outside but there are seats inside too.


When they bring out the menu, they also bring out appetizers.

A cabbage and sauce, and a shrimp/mayo crushed thing you just scoop up and eat.


The cabbage and sauce tastes like “lettuce wraps” you get at Chinese restaurants, you know the ones with a oyster sauce flavor dip.

Make sure you hold yourself with the cabbage, it’s so addicting and good, you’ll want a refill of cabbage cause you just can’t stop!!!

The shrimp was just ok. It was almost like they just put cooked shrimp and some fish balls in mayo and crushed it all up with some sesame oil and served it.


The menu is so cute and detailed. It has the Japanese name stated and then what it means on the bottom of it.






We ordered just a little bit of this and that. I really don’t even remember most of what we ate.

The chicken thigh and pork belly was really good but the chicken gizzards were just ok.

They didn’t cook the gizzards in the sauce, it was marinated with salt and pepper (and probably some other spices but it was just ok).



The eggplant was really good (I love eggplants and I think its hard to make them cause most places, they either get soggy and mushy or its not cooked fully).

The Ebi Tempura was really crispy and big.


We also ordered a rice dish that we didn’t take a picture of. More like we couldn’t cause Andrea was starting to get really fussy and Josh wouldn’t eat anything else other than the shrimp tempura. But it was also really good. It was something along the lines of “Octopus and shrimp fried rice” something with a wonderfully mastered egg blanket on top? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.


All this was about $90 SGD.

I thought it was more on the expensive side but Kaden says its decent for a Singapore restaurant.

Good place with good food and child-friendly(they have IKEA high chairs and plastic plates for kids).

Will go again for sure!