Sick and Tired


Like the title says… I’ve been sick and really tired lately.

Have not been able to keep food down and EATing has just been so hard.

Kaden wanted me to take the test and see if I was pregnant cause apparently every time I have a baby…. these are the things I say to him.

Well… I’m not pregnant and I’m not sick anymore. Well the cold/flu virus thing has gone by and it’s out of my system.

But the headaches and wobbly stomach is still here.

My neighbor thinks its cause of all the haze.

Maybe she’s right.

Come to think of it, the headaches have come and gone but on the days the haze is really REALLY bad it does seem to get a little worse than usual.


Anyways. Hope no one out there suffers from all this haze. And I also hope this haze situation doesn’t get any worse than it already is.