Social Media Management Tools for an Individual

There are so many social media management tools out there that are available for everyone, it’s hard to choose which one to start off with. Especially if you’re just an individual wanting to manage a couple of your accounts, let’s say Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Companies that have loads and loads of content to upload, usually schedule their postings and make sure everything is well planned ahead. But for someone like me, who is just one person and who likes to upload work-related stuff along with some personal stuff, it’s not that easy getting my hands on a management tool that isn’t on the pricey side.

Here are a couple of apps and management tools or if you’d like to say, ways to manage that I’d recommend.

The ones that come with a  price are Likeable Hub, Hootsuite, Socialoomph, Mavsocial, Friends plus me, Social Pilot, Post Planner, Zoho Social, Schedugram, Sprout Social, Buffer and so many more.

However, these tools may be free to sign up but come with a trial version or a price plan for something later on.

For example, BUFFER allows you to link most of the Social Media accounts out there into its app. So you’re basically writing in one app and uploading to 6 different platforms.

But this feature is also available for free, on Instagram.

You can link your other accounts to Instagram, upload on Instagram and you’re basically doing the same thing as Buffer (with some restrictions though).

Here’s what I would do if you’re just starting out and you’re only planning on managing your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

  1. Link all of your accounts into one app. It’s best to work from one place. If you can push one POST or SEND button and get all the content up onto the three major platforms. You’re in Wonderland.
  2. Schedule your posts ahead of time. If you want, you can use apps to preview what your profile timeline will look like before you put anything up. Instead of randomly uploading something all the time, schedule ahead so that your profile timeline has a nice flow.
  3. Make sure your pictures are all consistent. Going from one filter to another every day isn’t going to make your visitors want to come back. The brighter and sharper the images, the better it is. Make sure you use the same filter every time if you’re going to use one. And if you can shoot with a nice camera so that you have good quality pictures to start with.
  4. Use apps like Analytics Pro for Instagram. If you do some research, there are lots and lots and LOTS of tools that analyze your social media for you. This is just one of them. Stay up to date on how many likes you’re getting, how many people follow you back and how many you’re following back.
  5. Do an analysis of yourself at least once a month. All of these tools help you bring data back to you. How many followers, the number of likes etc etc. Bring all this data into an excel file or a numbers document and do some research on your own. I sit down on every Friday and go through the stats of my blog and Instagram. Its to make sure I know my target market and know exactly what to do and what not to do. Life can be easier if you just pay once and use the tools that are out there, but hey, I’m the kind of person who’d like to save 30 bucks a month and use it for something else.