Sometimes you just HAVE TO!

Okay, I know I’m all for the good, healthy and safe eating thing. That’s why I started the Plate by Zumba™ in the first place. I know I said that but you know what? Sometimes, you just HAVE TO eat something that treats your SOUL. Yes, the good and healthy eating thing is for your body and I am so proud of myself for keeping up with it. But sometimes you just gotta let go and have some soul food! Agree? LOL

Just the other day, I saw that McDonalds Korea had Taro Pie. TARO PIES???? For real????? I have been craving Taro Bubble Tea for a while but Taro Pie? Oh man, I had to try this!

They probably had it for a while and it just happened I found it recently. I really wanted to try, so Josh and I ordered it today for lunch. I don’t think Josh liked the pie but he did finish his Happy Meal and 4 cheese sticks!

Conclusion: Taro pies are yummy