Studio Monique #balayage

It has come to my conclusion that I get my hair done once a year and that’s that. It’s very obvious that I like to bleach my hair and use a toner that is bright and crisp. I also like to make sure that the highlights that I get aren’t too thin or too thick. I also don’t like having thin highlights that are very close to each other. I also like a variety of low lights and highlights that have a balance. I also don’t like it when there is no gradation in my roots and the tip of my hair. I know, I’m a very picky person when it comes to my hair.

With all of this in mind, I think my hair dresser is the only person on this planet that can get it right, every single time.

She’s like a mind reader and a designer that can get the colors just perfectly right, every time. Thanks @_memymj

The person who liked this color the most was Andrea. Originally she wanted me to change or shall I say “transform” in to Elsa from Frozen and go all white, almost. That was going to take too long and since Kaden was with me for the whole session, to make sure it took less time, my hair dresser decided it would be better to just go with highlights closer to my roots and a toner with a bit of purple so that it would fade out to more of a gray color later on.

It was the best decision ever! I think the color right now is perfect. It will probably fade out to a more brighter color later on, but for now, it’s perfect.