[SG] Sunday Brunch | Singapore Botanical Gardens | Food For Thought

Sunday morning! (Makes wanna sing the song)

We were all up REALLY EARLY so Kaden suggested we go out and play. It was super hot though so we wanted to go somewhere indoors, but then Josh kept saying that he was hungry. So we decided to go somewhere close. Kaden had never been to ”Food For Thought” so we decided to go there.

We ordered a Chocolate berry pancake, The full works, and a banana french toast.


I also had a flat white. It was just okay. Not bad but not great either.


Andrea fell asleep so she didn’t have anything to eat (I had to nurse her in the car cause she seemed to be hungry too when she woke up).


FOOD FOR THOUGHT is pretty wide and open so there’s different seating available.


Okay so here’s my HONEST and PERSONAL opinion about Food For Thought:

  1. It was a nice environment (it was less noisy than I expected. Because the space is so huge I though it would be super noisy but it wasn’t. The interior design was modern and simple).
  2. The table cloths that they used to clean the tables smelled A.K.A. The tables smelled pretty bad. Like an old rag.
  3. The food wasn’t the usual EXPENSIVE Singapore pricing. I thought everything was reasonably priced.
  4. Food was okay. It was super duper delicious. But it was better than average.
  5. Cleanliness. I found a piece of hair in my food and an ant on one of the plates… So I’m going to have to say that it was NOT clean.
  6. Overall, it was a 4/5. I took one point out because of the dirty smell of the table and the piece of hair and ant we found. It’s a place that is now a ”one time goer” for me.