Taking a short little break

Due to the COVID-19 virus, our family has just been home. I cannot remember the last time I went to a shopping mall with the kids or even the last time we ate out with them. Kaden and I wanted the kids to be free from wearing masks for a bit and decided to pack up and take a long drive somewhere. We didn’t have a set destination when we left the house, but about halfway through the line entering the highway, Kaden suggested we go and visit his grandmother’s grave in YeoJu. So, we did.

For me, it’s never easy going to see Kaden’s grandmother in YeoJu. Why? My grandfather passed away about ten years ago. I have not once visited his grave ever since I set foot on Korean land. Seems like the saying “시집을 가다” really means you’re “going” to get married, after all.

When we got there, the weather was so nice. There was no fine dust in YeoJu so the kids only had their masks on at rest stops and when we went to the cemetery. After that, it was all “do whatever you want!” from there.

When we got to Kaden’s grandmother’s old house, thankfully, his uncle was there. So we were able to use the bathroom and have the kids ride their scooters in the townhall’s parking area. There were two cars parked there and so it was a blast for the kids. Josh said he felt like he hasn’t done any exercise like this in years. That made me sad and got me thinking. Maybe I should have taken all three and gone to Vancouver when this whole Corona thing set off. But then I thought about all the good stuff that the Korean government was trying to do and all the things that they were planning on doing. So, I let go of the random thoughts that were digging into my head and just sat on the ground with the kids and enjoyed the sun.

We always get the kids to take a picture in front of the front door of Kaden’s grandmother’s house. It’s become a tradition. They used to sit there and take pictures but on this day, they didn’t want to sit down. They wanted to play more so we had them stand there for about 5 seconds to get this picture.

After a long time of playing in the sun with their scooters, we went to Kaden’s grandfather’s gravestone (his dad’s side).

Usually, in Korean culture, you’re supposed to bring some kind of alcoholic drink to place on the front of the grave. But we came unprepared so we placed 5 pieces of candy. The weather was so nice and the kids had so much fun, that the trip was more than worth it. Kaden and I enjoyed watching the kids and I think we also had a good time getting a breath of air.