Thanks, Seoul, Love, Soul



This is just a story I made up from my surroundings. Just for fun.

It’s a made-up story, it’s in the making and it’s totally fiction. The characters and setting might seem familiar because I am using me, my family and my kid’s names. However, the storyline is fully made up, from my imagination!


I’ll update it as much as I can. Hope you enjoy!



Andrea is an average, quiet and happy soul. She’s a 3rd generation Canadian-Korean who grew up in Vancouver BC Canada all her life. Smart, sensible and very good at basketball, she’s a girl any guy could fall for. Having one semester left of Grad School she’s swept off her feet on a breezy August day by her family to head to Seoul Korea. The center of K-Pop and a busy city she’s never experienced as a grown up. On her way to finding her roots as a Korean, she finds love with someone she NEVER thought she would fall for. Could she really be dating a K-pop star? 

Chapter One – The way it went down

Chapter Two – The Mystery Student

Chapter Three – The First Official Seoul Tour