The importance of an email signature

There are many companies out there and that I’ve done consulting work fore, who think that EMAIL SIGNATURES are not important,

However, the email signature that you send emails with is SOOOOOOO IMPORTANT!!! You won’t believe how many people look at email signatures carefully.

It’s the same as your brand image. It’s also a great way to present yourself to anyone you work with.

In this day and age, people do judge a book by its cover and people do think that LOOKS are important.

Your email signature is almost just as the same as your wardrobe and the make up you put on every day. Its another way of presenting yourself and your company to the recipient.

Here below is an example of a blank email.

No signature, no ending credit, nothing.


Here, is an example of my signature.

It’s a matter of being professional and presenting yourself to the people you work with.

It’s the same thing as your letterhead and your envelope. Having a design and BRAND elements all aligned makes your brand image sophisticated and on point.

That is why some companies that it a step further and design their email signatures just like how they would get their letterheads designed.


For example, some companies use their pictures and make the email signature interesting for the recipient.


Others even put in custom links and even link their social media accounts to it. Some go monotone and some go full out color.

Depending on the company and the company’s style, there are so many different options for email signatures, it’s an endless sea of ideas that could impress someone.


Here are some key features you might want to consider when creating your email signature or email footer:

  1. Make sure your FULL NAME is displayed in a clear, readable font. Some people who use “emailing” might be in the age group that has trouble reading on a monitor. Although I’m still considering myself “YOUNG”, I sometimes have trouble reading my computer screen.
  2. List all job titles, emails addresses, phone numbers, physical address and website addresses in an area that can be seen clearly and accessed easily. Some people forget phone numbers and addresses really well, some don’t even try to remember. A quick way to get to your information might just be doing a quick search in their email inbox. Make sure this information is searchable and accessible in your footer as TEXT, not an IMAGE.
  3. Use color wisely. It might be great to use color in your email signature and footer but don’t over-do it. You never want to make your email signature overwhelm the main email message content. The email footer and signature is a great way to present yourself but you never want to overdo it. Make sure it stays simple and clean.
  4. Use a picture if you want to make sure the recipient really KNOWS you. If you want to make sure they really know you, use a picture with good quality and high resolution. Pixellated photos look less professional and messy.
  5. A design tip for your email signature is to make it similar to your business card. The information on your business card is pretty much the same as your email signature. If the designs and layout match, this is making your brand image ALIGNED. Meaning: it has unity.