The most wonderful time of the year

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas spirit is truely all around……….? Is it?????

I tried so hard to get my Christmas spirit up this year but failed miserably. It really didn’t work. I also tried to cook and have a delightful Christmas dinner and that also didn’t work. I was the only ones who were all up and excited about it. I cooked, I prepared and I ate. It felt like I was the only one ready for Christmas. The kids were excited about presents. They got up so early. Especially Josh. they all went to bed at around 10 PM and got up around 6 AM. Josh was up at 4 AM and wouldn’t go back to bed. It was a long day on Christmas Eve. It was one of those “parenting gone wrong” kind of days. Josh also got sick. He performed at church two days in a row and I guess he was kind of nervous or something. His eyes started going all red and now he’s coughing. It’s Christmas. It’s Jesus’ birthday. And yet all I’m feeling is just this bland boring emotion that I really don’t wanna be feeling right now.

Back home I’m sure there’s Christmas decorations, malls are packed with people shopping and stores are probably blasting Christmas music!

Yeap. There’s probably houses lit up with beautiful Christmas lights and lots of churches’ singing Christmas carols. I miss that dearly. I wish I was there feeling that with my friends. We would probably have a Christmas party and have lots of wine and get drunk.

I didn’t bake a turkey cause they don’t have turkey in Korea. I don’t know. I never looked. So we had chicken. Chicken with stuffing. Mashed potatoes and home made gravy.

I also made spinach dip and tomato salad. But you know what? It was all just for me. Yeah. So much for “family dinner”. I made everything and I was the one gulping down everything too.

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but for me. Seems like it’s just one of those times of the year.