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Just like that. I picked up a list of books I wanted to read and this was on the top of my list. I saw on so many people’s Instagram that it was a great read. Long story short, it wasn’t such a great read for me but decent and manageable.

I say manageable because Tabby isn’t the main character I imagined the book to have. Everyone has different tastes and preferences so I’m just going to leave it at that.

The main and most critical reason I wanted to read this book was that I thought it would be an easy read. The kind of book that would just easily come into my eyes and flow through my brains and emotional filtering system like pure, clear, and freshwater. But this book was an easy read like that, and yet, it was so hard to focus and concentrate on it. I think I was reading it in perspective as a mother, not just a reader. I would never want any of my children to go through anything like Tabby and I would love for my children to meet friends how are healthy both mentally and physically like, Olivia, Cassie, Ed, and Henry. It would be so nice if my children could find friends like that.

But I know how hard that could be. Especially in the world we live in today. Nothing comes easy. Friends in particular. I saw it as a book that opened a world I never had to deal with. Back in my days (boy do I sound old when I say that, but I really have to) I didn’t have bullies in my high school. No-body was a bully and no one was bullied. Everyone knew everyone and we all got along really well. Our graduating class was about 120 people and it was seriously a life I wouldn’t change for anything. I still talk to some of my high school friends and it’s great to be able to keep in touch with them.

Anyways I find that this book is a great read for teens who love reading and who are mature. Who knows what is right and what is wrong. An easy read, yes for sure. But I wouldn’t let the content of the book itself brush away the deep and more meaningful lesson Tabby has learned through her new friends. I mean, it’s an obvious plot and how things flow in it, ain’t gonna get you all worked up or anything, but it’s worth the read.