The snack that could just be a meal.

I used to love to go to Guildford Town Centre (A.K.A. Guildford Mall) and get a regular sized “the works” from New York Fries.

It was like my favourite snack when I went to the mall.

After moving to Korea and then getting pregnant with Josh, I craved fries and gravy for the longest time. Then right before I had Josh, Korea brought New York Fries to the COEX mall in Kang Nam. It was like a touch of HEAVEN for me.

Then when we moved to Singapore, Kaden got me an oven at our place so that I could cook and bake. That’s when the whole “I’m going to make everything I want to eat instead of buy it and eat it” came in.

I started copycat-ing everything from fries and gravy to rotisserie chicken and even “the works”.

Now, with an air fryer. I don’t even have to dump a whole gallon of oil to make this snack. I can just pop it in and chop chop chop! Then WA LA!

I can also just have as much as I want and not worry about sizing-up! How great is that!?!?!!