So recently on Little Farms instagram  I saw that they were now carrying Tripod Coffee Capsules. Fullt compatible with Nespresso, I wanted to try this new coffee out and see what it tasted like. They had 3 different kinds in stock when I went to Little Farms, and so I picked two.


GREY GAUCHO with a 5 /5 intensity and RED FEDORA with a 3 /5 intensity. By ”intensity” I mean how bold and strong the coffee flavor is. My mom is coming to visit us for a month this Friday so I picked the RED FEDORA for her.


They have a promotion right now at Little Farms, 2 packs for $14 SGD.

The usual price for one pack is around $7.50 – $8.50 SGD.

I tried the RED FEDORA this morning and it was great. Nice and smooth with a slight hint of berry- like flavor. Kaden had the GREY GAUCHO after lunch today and he said it was really nice and strong. Just how he likes it.

Nespresso capsules are usually $9.90 SGD or higher in price so I think we’re going to try this out for a bit and see if we REALLY like it.


Check out Tripod Coffee’s Instagram for more details!