Using Stock Photography

There are so many places you can get stock images right now that if you Google “Stock Photography” or “Stock Images” you’ll get a big list of sites. Out of all the sites that are out there, iStock and GettyImages are probably the most used. However, I’m going to introduce you to a site that is great for getting images to practice design with and for personal use, like me.

It’s called

They have everything from PSD files to Vector files to just plain image files. The images you see on this page are all from

The reason why I love this site is that you can use their images and files for personal use or for work FOR FREE. Yeap. You read it right. FREE.

For a designer who is just starting up or for people who are on a tight budget. This website is great for getting images. The images are decent and they have great quality. There are hundreds of designers and photographers who contribute and work with FreePik to get this website going. AND I AM LOVING IT!!!!

Whenever you have time to browse or just to look around, make sure to visit and check out their database. It’s awesome!