Visiting an Old Friend

Kaden has wanted to go and visit his friend in WonJu for a while. He’s been friends with him since middle school and ever since he moved to WonJu, Kaden would sometimes say “I miss ##, I wish I could go see him and just hang out. Or even just meet up for coffee or something.” I think Kaden would say something along those lines every three to four weeks or so. Maybe once a month. Since Kaden has wanted to see his friend (who by the way we haven’t seen in about two, three years) we decided to take a trip to WonJu and drive there! We left the house around 10 AM and got there around 1:45 PM. It took longer than we expected but it was well worth the drive. We got to see so many trees and mountains. We also got to see little streams of water. To see Kaden so happy to see his friend was also a plus.

We ate close to their house and then drove a bit to a very nice coffee shop. The coffee shop also sold gelato so it was great for the kids too!

Kaden’s friend has two daughters and that was something “awesome” for Andrea. She had so much fun!

I haven’t seen Kaden’s friend in about three years as well so it was good to see him and his wife!

It was also good to see LIMAS‘ Pip lighting in the coffee shop.

I think we all had fun and enjoyed this random gathering in WonJu. I think Kaden enjoyed it the most!