Volunteering with Great People

The apartment that we live in has a great community. We share many things and we also get together to find ways to make living in this apartment safer and better. It’s already pretty great but there is always room for improvement. The community leaders and council members gather up and get ideas together for community events and different volunteer work. What I got to do yesterday was one of those volunteering days slash events slash dates.

I called it a date cause we got together and had lunch too. We gathered up all the materials and decorated the lounge cafe that is only open to those who live here. AKA you have to have the main key to pay for your drinks and snacks at the cafe.

I’ve done this before and decorated with the stuff used here for the living market event that we did before so, it really wasn’t hard. I just had to get on a really big ladder and get all the vines and decorations up and hanging. Many people said it looked like a flower shop or a cafe that had a theme to it. Yeap, we tried. It really felt good to volunteer for something and be good at it. A plus and an extra plus cause people were complimenting so much and also cause they took lots of pictures!