Where we go and how we get there

My career has always and I say this with emphasis, always taken a curveball at some point. It was never easy. It was never a given and it was never, ever laid out for me.

At some point in my career, I was always contemplating whether or not to stay or to keep going at what I was working for. I was never allowed to pick and choose, I was never allowed to take things into my own hands. It was like as if the whole journey was in someone else’s hands.

Setting up standards and goals for others and a business was easy. But I never actually set up goals and tried really hard to achieve them. It was always just simple tasks that were on my list and I just ticked them off. That was it.

I always wanted to be the bright red berry on a tree that stood out. While dancing, I wanted to be the best dancer. While designing websites, I wanted to be the best in constructing a website. While being a brand director for a short period of time I was, I wanted to be the best coordinator that existed in the industry. I always wanted to be the diamond in the middle of the deep cave. I wanted to be the first and best-tasting blueberry on the blueberry tree. Out of all of the averages, don’t mean to offend anyone, I wanted to be the best.

However, I didn’t know how to get there. I always did my best and thought that would work. That doing my best would be enough to get me to the top. But it wasn’t. It never was. I needed supportive parents, whether it’d be financially or emotionally. I needed money. I needed social relationships and I needed the pride along with the knowledge to get there. I needed to how to get there and what routes to take. I never learned that. I never was taught that. I never sought that.

I just hung on the tree, as a red berry and took the road everyone was taking. I was just riding along, like how Andrea rides along with Josh.

Now that I know and have recognized all this. I am very thankful I figured it out now. That I didn’t take another 20 years to figure it out. I am thankful that I can figure out where we go and how we can get there. I am thankful I can do this on my own and make it happen for others on the way there.