Why I haven’t been so ACTIVELY blogging

My whole blogging thing started back in 2001 I had a boyfriend back then (yeah yeah like everyone does) and I just wanted to keep a record of all of the things we did together. I wanted to keep a record of all pictures and events, neatly somewhere that we both could see. He didn’t like the idea. I don’t know I just assumed he didn’t like it. Anyways, that’s when the whole “writing online” thing started. Here I am sitting on the edge of the bed with my third child napping next to me and I’m still writing online and posting pictures of stuff. [That boyfriend I had in 2001, we broke up after about five years of dating. Yeap didn’t work out. Just letting you know in case you were curious.]

Anyways, I’ve been writing online, taking pictures and editing photos for a really long time. I used to write about things I couldn’t tell people. Then it led to writing for companies and posting pictures and short scripts for Social Media accounts. But everything has been so, well, blah~ lately that blogging and writing isn’t as much fun anymore.

I used to want to talk about EVERYTHING. I had an opinion about EVERYTHING and I used to be able to have fun writing about my thoughts and opinions. What I thought was right. What I thought was wrong and what I thought was interesting and fun. I was so passionate about sharing that to people online. Whether they read my stories or not, I would just say it and post it.

Now, I am stuck in a small hole that nobody cares about, that nobody wants to see and it’s just me. Me alone, in this little hole. I kind of don’t even want to come out of it because I’m getting kind of comfortable in it.

That’s why I haven’t so attached to my blog recently. I’ve been on a downhill ride with blogging and kind of in the middle of deciding if I should just let this go or not. Haven’t decided on anything yet but seems like I need some kind of turning point.